​​music technology

MUSC-127 Introduction to Recording Techniques (3 Credit Hours) 
This course is an examination of the art of audio recording. The curriculum will cover signal flow of the mixing console as it applies to both recording and sound reinforcement; microphones and techniques of application; use of sonic effects; recording devices (Analog, Digital, and Hard Disk); synchronization formats; etc.  Students will study Pro Tools and Logic in this course.

MUSC-128 Recording Techniques II (3 Credit Hours) 
Theory and techniques of digital recording and editing with an overview of analog tape recording. Studio construction, synchronization methods, CD production and magneto-optical media will be studied. Formats of digital storage will be presented with an emphasis on surround sound and high definition audio. Prerequisite: MUSC 127 with a grade of C of better.  Students will study Pro Tools and Logic in this course.

MUSC-148 Live Sound I (3 Credit Hours) 
The course is an overview of the field of live sound reinforcement. Includes principles of live sound and the theory and interconnection of the components of a sound reinforcement system. This course is also the prerequisite for all other sound reinforcement classes.