MUSC-101 Introduction to Music in America (3 Credit Hours) 
Historical survey of the development and major cultural contributions of American music and composers, including classical, jazz and popular forms, within the context of the American culture of the time. 

MUSC-102 Introduction to Jazz (3 Credit Hours) 
The course will be a study of the origins, evolution and emergence of jazz as one of American's significant contributions to the world of music. The course will emphasize the study of representative works illustration principle styles in the development of jazz as an accepted form of musical expression in American culture. 

MUSC-107 Music Appreciation (3 Credit Hours) 
Introduction to representative music masterpieces through perceptive listening. Emphasis on the elements of music, various musical forms and periods, and great composers and performers. 

MUSC-116 Music Fundamentals (3 Credit Hours) 
A course for the student who desires a knowledge of the basic concepts of rhythm, notation, and music reading with related keyboard experiences. Required for students who do not pass the theory proficiency. 

MUSC-129 Introduction to World Music (3 Credit Hours) 
This course will introduce students to the musical traditions of a variety of non-Western cultures, through recorded examples, lecture-demonstrations and live, in-class performances. The course will explore how the elements of music are treated in different cultures, and what musical ideas are common to all cultures. It will also examine the role music plays in the everyday life in different societies. Finally, it will examine how music today reflects the phenomenon of globalization by combining elements of different musical cultures.

​​General Education Music Courses

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